Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inspiring poem by Charles Swain

Never Say Fail

Keep pushing-- ‘tis wiser, than sitting aside,
And dreaming and sighing, and waiting the tide.
In life's earnest battle, they only prevail
Who daily march onward, and never say fail!

With an eye ever open, a tongue that's not dumb,
And a heart that will never, to sorrow succumb,
You'll battle and conquer, though thousands assail
How strong and how mighty, who never say fail!

The spirit of angels, is active, I know,
As higher and higher, in glory they go,
Me thinks on bright pinions, from Heaven they sail,
To cheer and encourage, who never say fail!

Ahead, then, keep pushing, and elbow your way,
Unheeding the envious, and asses that bray,
All obstacles vanish, all enemies quail,
In the might of their wisdom who never say fail!

In life's early morning, in manhood's firm pride,
Let this be your motto your footsteps to guide,
In storm and in sunshine, whatever assail,
We’ll onward and conquer, and never say fail!

         --- Charles Swain - 1901